Motion System

Firmware: Marlin, Modifications

  • Changed the default heater pins to an unused pin to make use of the mosfets for switching with M42 command (see
  • MIN_STEPS_PER_SEGMENT 0, to make *really* all the small moves, don't join steps to next move
Pulley Controller theor. resolution [mm] Max. theor. speed of motor [mm/min] theor. max speed of driver [mm/min] Acceleration [mm/s²] Tested max. speed [mm/min] Evaluation
50 teeth GT2 GRBL 0,03125 (16x microstep) 70517 x/y-motor same >40kHz/32steps/mm*60=75.000mm/min 3500 50.000 Accuracy not sufficient. Jumping on fiducials, not dialing in
20 teeth GT2 GRBL 0,0125 (16x microstep) 28207 x-motor 40743 y-motor >40kHz/80steps/mm*60=30.000mm/min 4500 30.000 slower, but very accurate
Marlin =40kHz/80steps/mm*60=30.000mm/min 4500 30.000
  • Step-Rates: GRBL @ 30kHz, Smoothieware @ 100kHz, Marlin @ 10kHz (base) up to 40kHz (quadstep-mode, automatically used on demand) but uneven step distribution

Controller for Peripherials (Vacuum, Feeder)

→ see Native Shield

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