Camera & Lighting-System

Lens Working Distance (Focus Layer to Camera PCB top) FOV Pixel/mm Images
6mm 66.5mm 20mm x 16 mm 59
12mm 115.5mm ~20mm x 16 mm 48
Images/Files Type Description Evaluation Snapshots
kind of direct light with diffusor printed Inserted 2 led strips shining through the ABS plastic. Most default pipelines work with this lighting setup. Glossy finishes (HASL/white silkscreen) won't work well (mirror effect).
20170918_212846_hdr.jpg lighting-setup.jpg direct polarized linear polarizing filters (0° in front of led strips, 90° as cap before camera) no glare, perfect, but the metal parts are do dark and don't contrast other pcb colors any more comparison_polarized_vs_unpolarized.jpg
dome-setup.jpg tunnel dome v1 tunnel dome diffuses the light from led stripes no glare on pcbs. on feeders a little glare, but okay. in the center the camera will be mirrored in pads (if they are glossy), fiducials are good to recognize dome-comparison.jpg
dome_v2-setup.jpg n tunnel dome v2 tunnel dome diffuses the light from led stripes like v1 but wider to have a larger illuminated area dome_v2_comparison.jpg
ringlight with diffusor tested but results were too bad (glare, leds mirror on pcb)
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