0816 SMT Automatic Feeder Design

The 0816 SMT Automatic Feeder are designed to be used in a pick and place machine to supply smd parts for assembly on a PCB. It's specially designed to integrate well with the OpenPnP pick and place software.

0816 smt automatic feeder render overview mounted to machine

What you need to start with these smt feeder
Current Status (2020-03-21)
  • added v1.80 step files
  • designed and highly optimized for 3d printing
  • feeder supports embossed plastic tapes and paper tapes
  • feed lengths: multiples of 2mm, so 0402 packages are supported
  • unit for automatic cover tape-removal, easily replaceable by an own solution if preferred
  • 3 sets ready to print for 8mm, 12mm and 16mm wide tapes
  • the feeders lane height (1.25mm nominal) is adjustable for different types of tape. Tested are
    • thin paper tapes (thickness 0.6mm, e.g. most 0603 resistors)
    • thick paper tapes (thickness 1.0mm, e.g. 0603 caps)
    • embossed plastic tapes (thickness 0.3mm, e.g. 0805 caps)
  • costs about 10$ per feeder if sourced globally (1.2$ plastics, 3.00$ N20 motor, 2.00$ SG90 servo, 0.8$ motor pcb plus some screws, microswitch, bearing, springs, cables)
  • one 8mm-feeder prints in about 5-7 hours (@ 0.3mm layer / 0.4mm nozzle / ~70mm/s)
  • trigger manual feed operation via pressing on cover tape tensioner. Useful to setup feeder.
  • overall width of one feeder at 8mm tape → 13.5mm, 12mm tape → 16mm, 16mm → 20mm
  • compact feeder pcb for clean and easy cabling, order directly from OSHpark for less than 2$ per 3 pcb
  • native arduino mega shield for up to 24 feeders including checking feeder state plus some extra ADC in and power outputs
  • alternative shield arduino mega sensor shield 2.0 for up to 48 feeders without extras
  • arduino firmware to interpret G-Codes received from OpenPnP to trigger a feed and configure feeder
  • license: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)
  • provided as is, no warranties

0816 smt feeder feeding accurate 0603 paper tape several times
0816 smt automatic feeder feeding 0805 plastic tape several times
0816 smt automatic feeder feeding 0603 caps in 1mm thick paper tape
0816 smt automatic feeder reports an error if insufficient cover tape tension is detected. If something went wrong, the error is reported to OpenPnP.

0816 automatic feeder toolchain overview

Support / Help

There is a topic in the OpenPnP group you can ask questions:!topic/openpnp/0ZMk60x51tw


Videos of commercial feeder, Function

Videos of commercial automatic cut tape feeder

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