For clean and easy cabling the feeder order some feeder-pcbs from OSHpark. Due to their small size, they are very cheap. See download-section for schematic and board (eagle) if you want to modify the pcb. The pcb is designed to fit into the slot at the bottom of the feeder. It has connectors for the servo, the endstop and a jumper to cut off the power to the N20 motor if feeder is unused. The connection to the controller board is made via 4 wires (5V, GND, PWM signal for servo, feedback-line). Just solder the pinheads and a diode to the pcb.

Location of feeder-pcb below feeder. Servo and microswitch are wired internally. N20-motor and cable to controller wired externally.
2 views on soldered feeder-pcb and inserted into feeder's base

It's easy to order the small feeder-pcbs from aisler (Germany/Netherlands) or oshpark (USA)

feeder-pcb v3 top
feeder-pcb v3 bottom

Download Eagle-Files: source files in eagle 7.7

BOM Feeder-PCB

# Quantity Part Specs Source Annotation
1 feeder pcb v3 order feeder pcb from oshpark
D1 1 diode 1N4001 flyback diode
1 jumper 2,54 mm to enable/disable feeder permanently if unused
pinheads 2,54 mm aliExpress

Changelog Feeder-PCB

version manufacturer price changelog
v1 oshpark -
v2 oshpark 2,08$ per 3 added feedback-line
first public release
v3 oshpark 1.65$ per 3 compacter design to integrate below feeder, cleaner, less cable messup
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