Problem Solution
Parts not picked up properly, even though pickup location is constant plastic tape * keep in mind, that tapes are aligned to their bottom surface → the pickup location of plastic tapes is way lower than the paper tape's location
Pickup location not constant paper tape * more force on tape tensioner
* lower force on cover tape tensioner
plastic tape
Parts jumping out of pockets plastic tape *adjust lane height with M2x8 screw
paper tape
Cover tape rolls under anti popout tunnel plastic tape *raise force on cover tape tensioner in a very small amount
paper tape *raise force on cover tape tensioner
*don't put cover tape into the slit. put it before as parts don't tend to jump out of paper tapes.
Tape doesn't advance, but servo moves. *servo doesn't retract advancing lever enough → adjust angles with M620 command
Servo doesn't move *enable feeder
*tape tension insufficient (feeder in error state), you can ignore error by appending X1 to the feed command
Cover tape motor won't turn on - *make sure the rotation of the cover tape tensioner is really easy

Support / Help

There is a topic in the OpenPnP group you can ask questions:!topic/openpnp/0ZMk60x51tw

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